DoggoDollar Roadmap

We are committed to a strategy aimed at significantly enhancing our value by December 2024 through operational optimizations, strategic partnerships, and innovative marketing. Every action is geared towards exceeding our growth targets.


Years of


Blockchain &



Q2 - April 2024

Foundation, Pre-Sale and DEX Listing

April: Branding and Community : - Building Create a strong visual identity for DOGLAR. Begin building a community on social media and crypto forums, focusing on the BSC ecosystem.

- Smart Contract Development: - Deploy the #DOGLAR token smart contract on BSC Blockchain.
Ensure the contract includes functionality for future airdrops, token burns, and staking to incentivize holding and reduce supply over time.

- Pre-Sale Launch: - Conduct a pre-sale for early investors with a clear use of funds statement. Allocate a significant portion of the proceeds to create an initial liquidity pool on a Pancakeswap.

- Branding and Community Building: - Create a strong visual identity for #DOGLAR:: Begin building a community on social media and crypto forums, focusing on the Solana ecosystem.

- Listing on CMC, CoinGecko and Many other coin Listing platforms.
We list it on all possible spaces on www to increase our reach.

- Possible Exchange Listing in April/May: - We planned to list #DOGLAR on good exchanges within a month or max Q2..

Q2 - 2024

Products, Utility, IDO Platform, Gamification, Lottery, Dex, Staking

April: Staking, Dex, IDO Platform, Lottery:

- In Q2, we have aggressive plans to win the community trust and to show our dedication towards #DOGLAR by launching robust products like a DEX, Casino Games, Lottery, and Staking DAPP.

- We will also develop a Governance Platform to focus on the priorities set by our community.

- A great IDO Platform for listing new coins and IDOs.

Q3 - 2024

Growth & Partnerships

July: Marketing Campaigns

- Launch aggressive marketing campaigns targeting both the crypto community and broader audiences.

- Partner with influencers within the Solana ecosystem and beyond.

August: Community Engagement and Airdrops

- Host community events, AMAs, and competitions.

- Conduct airdrops to increase token distribution and reward community members.

September: Expand Liquidity and Listings

- Increase liquidity on DEXs.

- Begin efforts to list #DOGLAR on big centralized exchanges for increased visibility and accessibility.

Q4 - 2024

Expansion and Utility Development

October: Bridge to Other Blockchains

- Utilize Solana's cross-chain bridge, Wormhole, to allow DOGLAR to be used across different blockchains, enhancing its utility and accessibility.

November: Launch of RWA Platform

- We will work on RW assets to increase the utility of the token.

December: Charity Initiatives and Final Push

- Announce and execute a significant charity donation or initiative to boost public image and appeal. Final marketing push to achieve the moon target, focusing on the milestones reached and the community built around #DOGLAR.

2025 and onwards.

Our vision is exclusively centered on financial objectives

The birth of the Doggorium Blockchain marks the beginning of a new era, propelling us forward into a world brimming with unprecedented opportunities and growth.